TRB Reader Poll Results


TRB Readers indicated that the following health concerns often limit their choices when it comes to making sweet treats: Dairy-free High cholesterol Diabetes TRB will keep these in mind when bringing you Quick and Easy recipes. Don’t forget – there’s still time to submit your *Healthy* Baker recipes – those that use substitutes for butter,… more »

The *Healthy* Baker?


Looking at photos from some family celebrations over the past few weekends has me thinking that it’s time to modify my diet and exercise plan to lose about 20lbs – to be more “healthy,” of course. I realize that committing to a diet is going to put a real damper on one of my greatest… more »

Quick and Easy: Frozen Lemonade Pie

It’s that time of year again… In the coming weeks, many of us will honor our favorite graduates. And, what better way to show them how proud we are of their significant achievements than by making a simple, sweet treat for the celebrations that follow? While paging through the latest issue of Food Network Magazine,… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: The Pan that Did Not "Pan Out" as Expected

Dear Rescue Baker: I recently invested in, what I thought was, a very nice new cookie sheet. However, everything I bake on it burns. I just moved into a new apartment and am still setting up my kitchen so I’ve been using my old cookie sheet with tinfoil. Is there anway to rescue my new… more »

TRB to the Rescue: The Missing Ingredient

Today’s question comes to us from Suzan — and I’m sure it’s one that many of us have struggled with at one time or another: “What do you do when you are missing certain ingredients for a recipe? For example, it’s happened many times for me that I’ve been ready to bake, but I was… more »