TRB to the Rescue: Nutty Over Brittle

As holiday cookie baking draws nearer, TRB has been steadfastly focused on gathering recipes to share with you. However, an emergency request from a faithful reader with a nut brittle disaster just made its way to TRB. Now, nut brittle falls into the candy category, which, admittedly, is not a TRB specialty, but not being… more »

A Real Gem: Gluten- and Dairy-Free Brownies

Tonight, TRB had the pleasure of hosting a Jewelry party in her home. Guests, including TRB‘s closest friends and family, were invited to preview the Entre Nous Jewelry collection and to do some holiday shopping. Of course, TRB took the opportunity to serve some sweet treats, and due to the dietary restrictions of a dear friend,… more »

No Snickering: Holiday Cookie Recipe #2

Well, readers, TRB certainly hopes you are enjoying the ride on the Christmas Cookie Baking journey. It’s now time to present the second recipe in this year’s cookie line-up — and a favorite of many family members — the Snickerdoodle. While searching for the trusted recipe, it occurred to TRB that some of you might… more »

Let the Countdown Begin: Holiday Cookie Recipe #1

Christmas Cookies

Okay, loyal TRB readers, the moment you all have been waiting for is here! Today is December 1st, and that means we are just about two weeks away from the historic annual Christmas Cookie Baking. Now, in an effort to maintain full disclosure, the annual Christmas Cookie Baking did not actually start with TRB; it… more »

Quick and Easy: Good Ol’ Fashioned Corn Bread

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over and just about all of the leftovers are gone, TRB finally has a chance to sit down and share a recipe for some of the most delicious corn bread she’s sampled in a while (and, no, it’s not just because she made it!) If you keep up with The… more »