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The Rescue Baker (TRB) began on a Saturday afternoon in 2009, when I received a panicked call from my youngest sister. She baked a cake for her (now) husband’s birthday, and 20 minutes before he arrived to pick her up for a family celebration, she discovered a large piece had stuck to the bottom of the pan. After calming her down, I instructed her how to make a quick and easy frosting to “glue” the piece back on to the cake. No one would be the wiser! Not only did it work, it got me thinking: I bet this happens everyday. But who’s on the other end of that phone call? An Internet search confirmed my suspicion; there are few options for baking advice in a moment of crisis. Thus, The Rescue Baker was born.

A 30-something, native New Yorker, with a background in digital marketing and communications, my true passion is dessert.

As a teenager, I was dead set on becoming an intellectual property attorney, convinced that law, as a prestigious profession, would provide a comfortable lifestyle. However, the further I traveled down that path, the more I realized the work itself wouldn’t make me happy. With the fateful intervention of a trusted advisor, I changed course during my senior year of college and went on to pursue a graduate degree in broadcast journalism.

You see, I love telling good stories and dreamed of being a news magazine producer for Dateline or 20/20. But, as many people discover at least once in their lives, in such a super competitive field, some dreams fall by the wayside. I was instead recruited to join a financial news organization as a multimedia producer, where I recorded daily podcasts — before podcasting became mainstream — and wrote a column for the daily newspaperFour years later, I decided to “move and shake” myself over to the world of marketing.

And, now I’m channeling all of my storytelling and marketing know-how into helping you solve your most pressing baking dilemmas.

I have a serious sweet tooth, most likely thanks to my maternal grandmother, Louise, who was not only a fabulous cook, but also a wonderful baker with her own insane sweets obsession. My Mom often marvels that I’ve picked up her (famous) habit of perusing the dessert menu before even considering the main course.

To say I enjoy baking is an understatement. I first mastered banana bread at age 16. Over the years, I’ve baked thousands of Christmas cookies with my cousin. Everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error and obsessively watching early cooking shows on PBS, Food Network and, more recently, Cooking Channel. I have no formal culinary training, though, I have taken some recreational classes. I’m intrigued by recipes I find online and in magazines. I’ve made it my mission to take the fear out of baking and prove you don’t need to be a trained chef to make delicious treats. I hope I’ll inspire you to create at least one new “masterpiece” in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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