TRB to the Rescue: A Crack in the Cheesecake

“Dear TRB, I need a cheesecake recipe that will prevent the cake from cracking in the oven. Every time I make a cheesecake, it comes out with that same awful crack somewhere. Can you help? Or — can you give me a whole new recipe altogether? Thanks, Cracking Up Over Cheesecake” Well, Cracking Up, you… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Flustered Over Flour

TRB happened to be on her weekly trip to Stop & Shop when the call came in… I am about to make a cake, but the recipe calls for cake flour. Of course, I do not have any at home and the store is out. What should I do? Can I use all purpose flour… more »

Quick and Easy: Pumpkin Pecan Crumble Pie

As TRB‘s obsession with all things pumpkin continues, there’s another recipe that simply must be shared. Over the Halloween weekend, TRB prepared some goodies to bring to a friend’s new home for a celebration. Since there were plenty of leftovers, TRB graciously shared with the fam. Mom, who is typically a tough critic, immediately commented… more »

Quick and Easy: Halloween Bake-tacular!

To Trick or Treat – that is the question. For TRB, the answer is pretty simple…treat, treat, treat! So, while in search of the perfect chocolate treat for a low-key get together at a good friend’s new home, TRB stumbled upon some Black Magic – well, a super dark chocolate cake with coffee undertones, that… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Pumpkin Pie Leftovers?

Dear TRB, I love making pumpkin pie when fall rolls around, but I always have too much filling for one pie crust, but not enough for two. What gives? Is there any way to use the leftover filling? I really don’t like wasting it. Sincerely, Waste Not, Want Not Well, Waste Not, Want Not, you… more »