The Rescue Baker makes every effort to personally respond to each and every baking dilemma in real time. Select questions will also be featured in the “TRB to the Rescue” posts below. So, go ahead - ask away!

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Raisins vs. Currants

Hey Rescue Baker, Can I substitute raisins in a recipe that calls for currants? What do you think? -Lara Well, Lara, TRB actually had to look this one up for you, so it’s been a learning experience for both of us! As it turns out, although they may look similar and are often confused for… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: The Pan that Did Not "Pan Out" as Expected

Dear Rescue Baker: I recently invested in, what I thought was, a very nice new cookie sheet. However, everything I bake on it burns. I just moved into a new apartment and am still setting up my kitchen so I’ve been using my old cookie sheet with tinfoil. Is there anway to rescue my new… more »

TRB to the Rescue: The Missing Ingredient

Today’s question comes to us from Suzan — and I’m sure it’s one that many of us have struggled with at one time or another: “What do you do when you are missing certain ingredients for a recipe? For example, it’s happened many times for me that I’ve been ready to bake, but I was… more »

Bring Me Your Baking Disasters

Have you ever left cookies in the oven for too long – only to find charred, hockey puck-like bits when you went back and opened the oven door? Have you tried to make rice pudding and ended up with scrambled eggs in your mixture? How about a chocolate mousse that looked more like mud? The… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: White Chocolate Ganache with NOT So Much Panache

TRB is very excited to present her very first reader inquiry! This question comes to us from stormygreen and is about ganache – for those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, it is an icing, typically, made by melting chocolate and heavy cream over a double boiler. Dear Rescue Baker, I made a… more »