The Rescue Baker makes every effort to personally respond to each and every baking dilemma in real time. Select questions will also be featured in the “TRB to the Rescue” posts below. So, go ahead - ask away!

TRB TO THE RESCUE: My Boyfriend’s Back – White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Dear TRB, Do you happen to have a good recipe for white chocolate macadamia nut cookies? They’re my boyfriend’s favorite, and I was hoping to make them for him as a special treat. Perhaps you could post the recipe on your site? Best wishes, “Jackie” Style, She Wrote. Well, Jackie, you’ve certainly come to the… more »

TRB to the Rescue: Lemon Meringue Pudding?

“Dear Rescue Baker, I have twice attempted to make Lemon Meringue Pie following an Alton Brown recipe and it never sets up right. I get lemon pudding every time. Do you have any tips? Thanks, Ashley” Well, Ashley, it certainly sounds like you need some help. As a Lemon Meringue pie lover, TRB knows that… more »

TRB to the Rescue: Nutty Over Brittle

As holiday cookie baking draws nearer, TRB has been steadfastly focused on gathering recipes to share with you. However, an emergency request from a faithful reader with a nut brittle disaster just made its way to TRB. Now, nut brittle falls into the candy category, which, admittedly, is not a TRB specialty, but not being… more »

TRB to the Rescue: A Crack in the Cheesecake

“Dear TRB, I need a cheesecake recipe that will prevent the cake from cracking in the oven. Every time I make a cheesecake, it comes out with that same awful crack somewhere. Can you help? Or — can you give me a whole new recipe altogether? Thanks, Cracking Up Over Cheesecake” Well, Cracking Up, you… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Flustered Over Flour

TRB happened to be on her weekly trip to Stop & Shop when the call came in… I am about to make a cake, but the recipe calls for cake flour. Of course, I do not have any at home and the store is out. What should I do? Can I use all purpose flour… more »