The Rescue Baker makes every effort to personally respond to each and every baking dilemma in real time. Select questions will also be featured in the “TRB to the Rescue” posts below. So, go ahead - ask away!

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Flustered Over Flour

TRB happened to be on her weekly trip to Stop & Shop when the call came in… I am about to make a cake, but the recipe calls for cake flour. Of course, I do not have any at home and the store is out. What should I do? Can I use all purpose flour… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Pumpkin Pie Leftovers?

Dear TRB, I love making pumpkin pie when fall rolls around, but I always have too much filling for one pie crust, but not enough for two. What gives? Is there any way to use the leftover filling? I really don’t like wasting it. Sincerely, Waste Not, Want Not Well, Waste Not, Want Not, you… more »

TRB to the Rescue: The Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

“Dear Rescue Baker, I’ve gone through tons of recipes on my quest for the best chocolate chip cookie. What’s your particular favorite and any specific advice on how to ensure that they are a hit at my next house party? Best Regards, Perplexed by the Search” Well, “Perplexed,” TRB is sure that many bakers, like you,… more »

TRB TO THE RESCUE: Yummy Summer Treat?

“Dear Rescue Baker, Temps are rising in the Big, Bad Apple and I’m looking for some tasty new ideas to help keep cool. Got any deliciously chill summer desserts you could share? Thanks, Charlie” Well, Charlie, you may have noticed that TRB has been on somewhat of a hiatus, partly because it’s been too hot… more »

TRB to the Rescue: Too Brittle to Bear

“Dear Rescue Baker, I have a super duper oatmeal, dried cherry, chocolate chip cookie recipe that I love. The cookies themselves taste amazing (how can they not, right?) My problem is that the texture leaves a little bit to be desired — they’re a bit brittle when you bite into them. How can I tweak… more »