TRB TO THE RESCUE: Yummy Summer Treat?

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“Dear Rescue Baker,

Temps are rising in the Big, Bad Apple and I’m looking for some tasty new ideas to help keep cool. Got any deliciously chill summer desserts you could share?


Well, Charlie, you may have noticed that TRB has been on somewhat of a hiatus, partly because it’s been too hot and humid here in NY to bake, but also because this continual rain is a real downer. Thankfully, your question has pressed TRB back into service, so let’s get down to business!

While there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned ice cream to cool down on a hot, muggy day, there are some healthier alternatives. (Remember, kids, yummy, but healthy treats can be found!) And, since it’s been too darn hot to turn on the oven, here’s what TRB has been munching on:

  • Frozen Cafe Mocha Popsicles (available at Trader Joe’s)
  • So Delicious Organic Mini Vanilla Non-Dairy “Ice Cream” Sandwiches (made by Turtle Mountain and available in your grocer’s freezer)

But, if you’re looking for something to make on your own at home (and, because TRB has an unusual obssession with grilling fruit as of late!), here’s a recipe from Food that you might like to try:

Grilled Peach Sundaes

At only 154 calories per serving, you can probably afford to eat two sundaes! Try sprinkling some cinnamon over the peach sundaes to take this recipe over the edge.


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