Keepin’ Cozy with ChiLentil Soup

ChiLentil Soup

As the temperatures begin to dip, leaves begin to fall, the baseball season comes to a close and the Presidential debates rage on, there’s nothing better than coming home to something warm, filling and flavorful. Enter: ChiLentil Soup. No, the recipe doesn’t hail from Chicago. In fact, this one is a TRB original. Well, sort of. I… more »

The Lighter Side: Devin Alexander’s Pumpkin Pie Bars

Pumpkin Pie Bars

Always on the lookout for “healthy” versions of old classics, I’ve already been contemplating the upcoming holiday season. (Okay, so I started thinking about it back in July, but you can’t really blame me, can you?) With my favorite flavors in the spotlight — pumpkin, cinnamon, maple, pecan and apples — there is plenty of… more »

The Lighter Side: Couscous Salad with Summer Veggies

Couscous Salad

To counterbalance all of the baking I’ve been doing lately, I prepared some “healthy” meals for lunch and dinner this week. On the menu: Couscous Salad with Summer Veggies, Beef  and Veggie Stir-Fry served with brown rice and Oven Roasted Tomatoes with Pancetta, Breadcrumbs and Garlic. Now, you know I’m one to improvise, but I didn’t have much… more »

Welcoming Summer: Strawberry Yogurt Cake

It’s not officially summer yet, but it has sure felt like it lately. For some odd reason, when the temperature rises, I start craving strawberries like nobody’s business. Make that strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and peaches. It’s really not a bad thing. I wish I could say the same for my pistachio gelato addiction…  I generally… more »

The Lighter Side: Artichoke Gratin

As I was thumbing through (okay, more like salivating over!) Food Network magazine’s January issue (“The Light Issue”), I came across a side dish recipe for Artichoke and Pea Gratin. I’ll admit, I’ve always loved Potatoes Au Gratin, but they aren’t exactly waistline friendly. So, I was thrilled to discover that I could get a similar flavor from artichoke… more »