Quick and Easy: Pumpkin Pecan Crumble Pie

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As TRB‘s obsession with all things pumpkin continues, there’s another recipe that simply must be shared. Over the Halloween weekend, TRB prepared some goodies to bring to a friend’s new home for a celebration. Since there were plenty of leftovers, TRB graciously shared with the fam. Mom, who is typically a tough critic, immediately commented upon tasting, “This is a keeper. You’re making this for Thanksgiving, right?”

Well, Mom, TRB is way ahead of you. The recipe has indeed made “the list” for Thanksgiving, along with an infamous Apple Crumb pie and some good, old fashioned corn bread.
In the meantime, here’s the secret weapon for a fantabulous pumpkin pie, courtesy of Food Network, which incorporates the use of another TRB favorite — maple syrup. (TRBsends special thanks to a co-worker, who was right on the money in her recommendation of this recipe).

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