The Thanksgiving Recap

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Well, fans, Thanksgiving has come and gone. The holiday season — the season of cooking, baking and overeating, among other things — has officially begun. Speaking of baking and overeating, here’s a look back at TRB‘s contributions to this year’s Thanksgiving meal:

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
This recipe from Brown Eyed Baker found its way to TRB via Jackie of Style, She Wrote. fame, who “suggested” (just about every single day for two weeks) that these should make the Thanksgiving dessert list. Well, Jackie, you were right. These were totally awesome and will definitely be on our holiday table in the future.

Apple Crumb Pie
An old standby for TRB, this one definitely looks tougher to make than it actually is… Trust me, this simple favorite will wow your holiday guests. It’s even easy enough to make one for dessert and send one home with your family. Get the recipe from TRB.

Pecan Pie
Another super simple dessert, this tried and true recipe is found on the back of the Karo Corn Syrup bottle. With just six ingredients, you can prepare this pie in a flash and it is oh-so-amazingly-good! (TRB prefers dark corn syrup in this recipe, but you can use light corn syrup as well. Bake it in a pre-made crust and you’re good to go!)

Corn Spoon Bread
TRB saw Todd English make this one Saturday morning and thought it would be the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving meal. However, without a cast iron skillet on hand, the recipe required a bit of improvisation. The taste was amazing, but a skillet will be used next year!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! What did you cook or bake up to give thanks? Post a comment below.

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