The Holiday Cookie Baking Adventure Continues: Cookie Recipe #3

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Italian Ricotta CookiesAs mentioned in the first post of the Christmas Cookie Baking series, the annual tradition began with TRB‘s cousin, Cathy, many years ago. Around the holidays, we prepare about seven to 10 varieties of cookies, with a steady selection of crowd pleasers year-after-year.

But, sometimes, we get bored and try a new recipe. Last year was one of those years, and Cathy surprised TRB with just about the best cookie she’s ever tasted: Italian Ricotta Cookies.

Just imagine a cake-y, light pillow of air with sweet icing and sprinkles on top, and you can pretty much guess how good this cookie tastes. Since TRB was so in love with them last year, Cathy decided we should keep the recipe on this year’s list. (Trust us, that’s huge – we’re total cookie snobs!)

So, without further adieu, here’s how you can make these heavenly treats for yourself:

P.S. The dough gets super, super sticky, so be sure to have plenty of flour on your hands when mixing or separating spoonfuls on the baking sheet.

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