Keepin’ Up with TRB: Teflon Interview

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If you’ve been a faithful follower of TRB, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been injecting more of my own personality lately. Oh, I’m not being facetious — trust me, you’ll know when that’s the case. This is a fact. 

When I started this blog three years ago, I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if it would be a boon or a bomb. I considered the possibility that no one would read it or find it interesting (besides my parents, of course), so I purposely blogged in the third person. (Yes, saying this always conjures up the image of the Seinfeld episode in which “Jimmy loves Elaine.”) Everything was worded as “TRB did this” and “TRB thought that.” 

But now, knowing there are a decent number of you out there who read my blog (and sometimes even *like* what I have to say), it’s time to bring the real “me” out from behind the TRB apron. So, I jumped at the chance when Teflon approached me for an on-camera interview at the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Culinary Expo in April. 

Although many of my answers didn’t make the final edit– for example, a recipe I could offer when handed a secret ingredient (in my case, it was an avocado, which I had serendipitously blogged about making into a pasta sauce just days before!) and the types of meals I like to prepare when friends come over for dinner — I am super excited to share with you the comments that did make the cut. 

I hope you will enjoy “meeting” the real me as much as I enjoyed seeing many of you in person at the IACP event. Here’s to hoping I’ll have the opportunity to personally interact with more of you in the future. 

Check out TRB‘s Teflon interview on YouTube… 

Do you attend food conferences and events? What are some of your favorites? Post a comment below.

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  1. IspeakFoodie

    This is great, and your booth was a big hit at the IACP Culinary Expo!


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