Falling for Apples and Pumpkins

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The weather has gotten considerably cooler here in New York over the past few weeks, and with apple and pumpkin picking on the brain, TRB‘s focus has quickly turned to fall baking.

An avid collector of recipes for a “rainy” day (or a sunny one, for that matter!), TRB searched her famous “recipe binder” and came across this Apple Spice Cake recipe from Bon Appetit magazine that, judging by the photo and ingredients list alone, promises to be insanely delish. (In fact, the thought of the brown sugar glaze has TRB doing back flips!)

Of course, TRB has got to put her stamp on this one, so some recommended modifications include: eliminating nutmeg and allspice in favor of ginger, and substituting some non-fat or reduced fat milk for whipping cream. (We have to at least try to be ‘figure-friendly,’ right?)

Not being one to discriminate against fall flavors, TRB also found an amazing cookie recipe in her collection for Spiced Pumpkin Softees. These look like a truly yummy autumn treat, though, TRB would eliminate the raisins from the cookie dough, and nix the orange food coloring and extract from the frosting.

Happy baking!

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