Bake Up or Shape Up?: I Heart Summer Challenge

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Faithful readers, it’s been a busy — and hot — summer. As temperatures continue to soar during these dog days of August, TRB has been less inspired to turn on the oven. And, that’s probably a good thing for all of our waistlines…

Something you may (or may not) know is that, in addition to maintaining this blog, TRB also writes Well-Being, a health and fitness column for a New York-based magazine, BELLA NYC, offering advice for staying in shape and diet and exercise tips from well-known experts. It’s definitely not easy to balance being a complete dessert fanatic with the desire to be (somewhat) healthy. Sigh.

In that spirit, I’m excited to share with you the “I Heart Summer Challenge” from Joy Bauer, resident nutritionist on the Today Show, and While there’s still time to get into that bikini before Labor Day, this two-week challenge will provide you with a fast-track to reaching your fitness goals. If you complete six challenges over two weeks and log your progress, you’ll be eligible to win prizes, including a free coaching session with an nutritionist. 

The rules are simple: Log on to Social Workout, download the EverydayHealth Calorie Counter app and start tracking your progress. 

TRB challenges you to take the first step in getting healthy. Now, who’s ready to get started?

Did you sign up for the I Heart Summer Challenge? Post a comment below.

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