Another Amazing Dessert: Apple Walnut Cobbler

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Readers, 2010 has gotten off to a very busy start. While trying to stick to New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthier and shed some of those Christmas Cookie pounds, TRB *somehow* managed to consume one of the best desserts she’s had in quite some time.

While dining with a dear friend at one of the Houston’s locations in Manhattan (now known as Hillstone), TRB sampled the Apple Walnut Cobbler — okay, more like devoured! Now, as anyone who’s ever eaten at Houston’s knows, making it to dessert is quite a feat. But this one was soooooo worth it!! TRB has never had such a delectable combination of apples and walnuts carefully baked on a bed of shortbread-y goodness and topped with a caramel sauce that would make even the sweetest tooth blush!

So, of course, she just *had* to find the recipe…

Lucky for us, there are plenty of other bloggers out there who are obsessed with recreating the best recipes from popular restaurants. A simple Google search yielded more than a few results and — drumroll, please! — here it is:

TRB is psyched to try this one as soon as possible. Are *you* up for the challenge?

Did you make this recipe? Post a comment.

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  1. The Rescue Baker

    TRB recently received this message from a faithful Houston’s Apple Walnut Cobbler devotee –

    “I got so excited when you said you found the recipe. But it doesn’t include the caramel topping. Any idea how to create that?

    I’ve been dying to make it but if I’m going to blow the calories, I want the the whole enchilada, including the sauce. Help please. I’ve tried brown sugar and butter but something’s missing.” – Mary

    Mary, you may be right! TRB simply assumed that the combination of the canned apples, their juice, butter, brown sugar and light corn syrup would create that caramel sauce-y goodness.

    But brown sugar and butter alone likely won’t do the trick. Caramel sauce usually calls for heavy cream or evaporated milk and a splash of vanilla. Here’s a fairly uncomplicated recipe from Food Network’s Ina Garten:

    Did this work for you? Let us know!


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