Quick and Easy: Glazed Lemon Nut Bread

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Every now and again, TRB tries to be a super thoughtful co-worker. (Okay, *maybe* a little more often than that). So, while getting caught up with her Tweeps this evening, TRB stumbled upon a super quick and easy recipe from the good folks at Domino Sugar, which she thought would make a perfect treat for her colleagues. (By the way, Domino does a fantastic job of keeping up with their followers on Twitter…check them out at the link above sometime).

Domino’s quick and easy suggestion is for a scrumptious Glazed Lemon Nut Bread. And, this recipe was *so* quick and easy that TRB managed to whip it up in between coming home from work and getting ready for Cardio Kickboxing class.

You can take TRB’s word for it, (she just *may* have happened to sneak a slice before bed!), this recipe is totally worth the effort and your co-workers will thank you! Enjoy!

Lemon Nut Bread comes out of the oven:

And, the Glaze is on!

Packaged and ready for co-workers:

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