Quick and Easy: Blueberry Scones

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With the beautiful spring weather finally upon us, TRB ventured out for a much needed shopping trip this weekend. Along the way, she wandered into Williams Sonoma (always a dangerous prospect for anyone who loves to cook and bake!!) and found some wonderful products to assist in making scrumptious treats.

During her shopping trip, TRB purchased a box of Garvey’s Scone Mix and some blueberries – they *were* on sale at Stop & Shop this week!

Usually skeptical about prepared mixes and a definite scone fanatic, TRB was pleasantly surprised that this product lived up to its billing as Britain’s best. The mix directions were easy to follow, and the entire process took only about 25 minutes. The mix simply required the addition of 1/2 a stick of butter, 1/2 cup of milk (plus one tbsp) and the blueberries along with 2 tbsp of sugar. The scones baked up golden and delicious, complete with bursting blueberries. And, boy, were they good with a hot cup of coffee…

Here’s how the scones looked when TRB pulled them out of the oven:

Have you tried prepared baking mixes? Would you rather mix dry ingredients on your own? Let TRB know what you think – post a comment below.

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