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Celebrating Earth Day with Sauteed Greens and Pistachios

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In honor of Earth Day, TRB has teamed up with Tamara Jacobi, holistic health coach of JungleGirlHealth, to bring you a “green” recipe. I met Tamara while working on an edition of “Well-Being” for BELLA NYC magazine, and asked if she would contribute some healthy tips for my TRB readers too. She graciously obliged. As a… more »

Well-Being: Stick to Those New Year’s Resolutions

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S’mores Pudding Pie (Image courtesy of Devin Alexander) If you’re like me, you’re on Day 3 of your top New Year’s Resolution to start eating right and working out. And, if you’re really like me, by Day 4, you’ll have moved on to the resolution that made second place. (Kidding!) Seriously, eating right and maintaining… more »

The Cake Artist’s Red Velvet Cake: Just Bella

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Here comes a confession – are you ready? Even TRB is intimidated to bake certain sweet treats. Among the most frightening? A beloved favorite: Red Velvet Cake. While attending the fabulous Bella In You magazine launch party at The Vanderbilt in Staten Island last week, TRB had the amazing good fortune to meet Vincent Buzzetta,… more »