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Quick and Easy: Apple Streusel Bars

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It’s hot. Oh so hot. Too hot to bake.  Like that’s ever stopped me before.  It’s no secret that fall flavors are my favorites — apple, pumpkin, cinnamon and spice. (I also prefer fall weather to 90-degree heat waves …) So, while preparing dessert for a recent family dinner, I needed a non-chocolate option to… more »

Falling for Apples and Pumpkins

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Fall Cookie Assortment

The weather has gotten considerably cooler here in New York over the past few weeks, and with apple and pumpkin picking on the brain, TRB‘s focus has quickly turned to fall baking. An avid collector of recipes for a “rainy” day (or a sunny one, for that matter!), TRB searched her famous “recipe binder” and… more »