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The Heat is On! No Bake Cookies

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Okay, so it’s official: Summer is finally here! With temperatures rising into the 90s in New York these days, TRB cannot even think about turning on the oven! So, what to do when that craving for a sweet treat hits while the mercury continues to rise? How about a “no bake” cookie recipe? Yes, that’s… more »

Quick and Easy (and *Healthy*): Grilled Pineapple with Honey Glaze

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Now that grilling season — and TRB‘s quest for *healthy* sweet treats — have “officially” begun, our focus is turning away from the oven in favor of some great grill recipes. And, in light of health concerns expressed by TRB readers, we’re also looking for recipes that are heart healthy, low in sugar and dairy-free…. more »

TRB Reader Poll Results

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TRB Readers indicated that the following health concerns often limit their choices when it comes to making sweet treats: Dairy-free High cholesterol Diabetes TRB will keep these in mind when bringing you Quick and Easy recipes. Don’t forget – there’s still time to submit your *Healthy* Baker recipes – those that use substitutes for butter,… more »