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Quick and Easy: Campfire Cookies

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Who doesn’t love S’mores? Rich chocolate and gooey marshmallows piled between crunchy graham crackers… it’s the perfect snack for a camping trip. But, here’s a secret – TRB isn’t a big fan of camping OR S’mores, mostly because camping involves being outside with bugs (yuck!) and S’mores are super messy to eat. So, the question becomes… more »

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Chocolate Chip, Cornflake, Marshmallow Cookies

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Last week, a dessert-loving colleague brought TRB an infamous Momofuku/Milk Bar cookie — the one with chocolate chips, marshmallows and corn flakes — as a “pick me up.” Well, not only did it brighten TRB‘s day (and lead to a slightly expanded waistline), it also inspired an attempt to recreate these delicious bites of heaven…. more »