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Anything But Plain: Vanilla Oreo Birthday Cake

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It’s hot and humid here in good ‘ol NYC, and I’ve had enough of the weather. The number one lesson I’ve learned about this sticky, stuffy, oppressive heat — aside from the fact that it makes me one cantankerous little lady — is it really, really puts a damper on any attempt to make buttercream. … more »

The Best Thing I Ever Made: Oreo Birthday Cake

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Have you ever watched that Food Network show featuring celebrity chefs who recount some of the best things they ever made? You definitely have. I bet you sat there and thought to yourself, “How obnoxious. They’re trained culinary wizards. Everything they make is the BEST!” Right? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s only obnoxious… more »

The Cake Artist’s Red Velvet Cake: Just Bella

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Here comes a confession – are you ready? Even TRB is intimidated to bake certain sweet treats. Among the most frightening? A beloved favorite: Red Velvet Cake. While attending the fabulous Bella In You magazine launch party at The Vanderbilt in Staten Island last week, TRB had the amazing good fortune to meet Vincent Buzzetta,… more »